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When Shirley met Sparkbrook

Today I made a tragic mistake and took the A34 route towards my hotel in Birmingham. I have never been a fan of Birmingham as a city, always found it complex to get around, dreadful signage and usually cold. Today I am convinced that I am right. It took me over an hour to drive 8 miles from the M42 to Fiveways corner. 

The traffic was the worst I have seen since Colombo in Sri Lanka, no signs of any use, appalling driving against reminiscent of Sri Lanka, but to see so many closed down shops was sad. In fact the only shops that looked open were a few fruit and vegetable purveying establishments and multiple Indian restaurants. 

The city seems frankly just too crowded. Too many cars. Too many people. And far too many empty bus lanes. I am all in favour of bus lanes when there are buses to use them. I did this epic travel in rush hour and saw none. Just empty bus lanes with threats of execution if one strayed an inch over the line and entered the forbidden territory. 

The result? I will never come here again out of choice. Why should I? Complex to reach, no obvious redeeming features and expensive. Sorry Birmingham,I am sure the people are very nice, but why do you live here? 

Riot Day in UK

Its not totally believable but riots are starting off all over UK. Mainly mindless thuggery with looting and cars being set on fire. London has been the worst, mainly East end areas but huge areas of Croydon town centre were fire bombed and destroyed last night. Nothing near us thankfully, although Clapham is not so far. The England friendly game at Wembley has been cancelled wednesday and tonight league cup games were cancelled at Charlton and West Ham and Palace. Kind of crazy.
Manchester has been the worst tonight so far, although Wolverhampton and Liverpool are also bad.
Brentford have lost their league cup tie away at Hereford 1-0 to a 90th minute goal and apparently they missed loads of chances though. They were playing what almost amounts to a second team………


The news here falls into two headings both equally depressing. The value of shares is plummeting for reasons that I dont understand. And there are riots breaking out all over UK. Mainly London area, like Brixton, Lewisham, Hackney and tottenham. Tonight Lavender hill in Clapham is being looted. Birmingham also. Reasons? Again no idea other than mindless psychopathic violence.
My contribution to Twitterland today was to inform that if you drive down the M3 and A33 to southampton, on the outskirts there is a Total garage, very exciting, but it does hot southern fried chicken burgers! And they do these with a bottle of Pepsi for 3£……….so in these times of financial paucity this is a fact to be relished.
My next book chapter on Prolactin is due out soon, not exactly JK Rowling, but better than nothing.
Hedgepig is fine and has stopped that silly chuffing and reverses far less. He lets us handle him and even feed him those lovely mealworms. Houdini now lives in his cage on top of Hedgepig. Like a high rise Animal apartment block.
Charles has had grief with his car. The clutch cable went on friday and we persuaded Gary to go over to Paley Street to fix it today. All done. One happy Charles……….
Elena has discovered the David Lloyd Gym. They have a kids exercise session and she came back muttering mutterances about cross-trainers, whatever they are……….but likes it. Bizarre.
Cannot wait to go to Spain in two weeks and our challenge is finding Hedgepig sitters while we are away, he may have to have a temporary holiday back at Paley street if thats permitted. And the lost tortoise has been found uneaten!

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