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Rapeseed Fields

Not everyone has heard of rapeseed despite its unfortunate name.Rapeseed oil was produced in the 19th century as a source of a lubricant for steam engines.Rapeseed is grown for the production of animal feed, vegetable oil for human consumption, and biodiesel .According to the United States Department of Agriculture, rapeseed was the third-leading source of vegetable oil in the world in 2000 with Canada and China being the top producers.

Rapeseed pollen contains known allergens. Whether rape pollen causes hay fever has not been well established, because rape is an insect-pollinated (entomophilous) crop, whereas hay fever is usually caused by wind-pollinated plants. The inhalation of oilseed rape dust may cause asthma in agricultural workers.

In the UK around May the fields do look stunning in their bright yellow colours. These fields are just outside Middlesbrough

IMG_8431 IMG_8432 IMG_8433

Rapeseed Fields

Rapeseed Fields

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