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Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Maybe?

The film Hot Fuzz is a real cult film. These policemen recently really did give a good impression of Nick Frost. Or maybe it was?

imager image

Breakfast From the Co-op New Malden

A very cold day in UK. About freezing all day and will fall later with promises of snow even to reach London. All football locally cancelled. The only option was a trip to wycombe v Tranmere. This I declined for various reasons that include, all games usually get called off at Adams Park , not exciting opponents and the nonsense trying to park near the ground at Wycombe. So stuck watching TV and being grateful to Sky. So not much to blog about today. The only real news is that i bought tickets and booked hotel to visit Cayman Islands later this year and bought also a nice breakfast from the Co-op. the latter sounds strange but trust me their bread is better than all other supermarkets and their rolls are delicious. they now do tiger bread rolls, which all three of us consume rapidly. My only other sensible comment today is that blueberries are a very underrated fruit.

Breakfast selection from the New Malden Co-op


Frosty Car

Norton Park Hotel near Winchester

A nice evening last night as an end of year department meeting and overnight stay in a nice hotel. The best part of the evning was a cocktail making demonstration then competition, where our team made decent Mojito’s and something called Cosmopolitan. This morning awoke to find that temperatures must have plummeted overnight as the car was covered in thick ice but on the drive out from the hotel through a freezing fog/mist there were some great photo opportunites to be had. ¬†On that note Jessops have half price calendars till Dec 6th. Well worth a visit.

Misty Morning

Sunrise at Hook Norton hotel

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