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Dragonfruit Yoghurt. But How Many Know What Dragonfruit Looks Like?

Muller light yoghurts are fantastic and they keep on experimenting with new and different fruit flavours and combinations.

But the cover of the yogurt pot gives little clue really as to what dragonfruit fruit looks like.

In reality until I saw Dragonfruit on a Maldives breakfast buffet I neither could have guessed what they look like. Taste wise they are quite mellow and separating the dragonfruit from the pineapple might be a little tricky, or interpret that as impossible.

Looking at them unpeeled and ready to eat, but prepared by an excellent chef, they look not unlike dominos.  So a few photos to show maybe more what they look like in the Maldives with an excellent chef, than in reality how they might look if I prepared them .


Kuda Huraa in The Maldives. What is it really like?

Kuda Huraa is a private coral island facing the Indian Ocean and around 25 minutes by speedboat from Male airport. The island contains only the Four Seasons resort. In this short series of photographs one can begin to understand the sheer simple beauty of this island and its changing seasons. It is not only the physical beauty of the island but if there is a better resort hotel in the world then it is well hidden.

Each day a walk around the island before breakfast takes perhaps 15 minutes. The food is beyond brilliant with numerous creations put together by head chef Matt Bilinski. The plate of Dragon Fruit arrived unannounced and unasked for. The bar situated in The Indian Ocean has to be the best bar in the world to observe the sunsets. There are many turtles being expertly cared for in the Turtle Rehabilitation unit before being released back into the sea. The views in these photographs are neither selected nor artifical in any way. This is what the island really looks like.


Kuda Huraa Beach


Sunset at Kuda Huraa


The Infinity pool


Morning arrives at the Infinity Pool


A Turtle says hello


Turtle Sand Sculpture


Kuda Huraa Beach


The Bar at The Four Seasons Resort in The Indian Ocean


Tranquil beach and sea Kuda Huraa


Kuda Huraa Sunset


A typically busy beach at Kuda Huraa


Maldives does have some weather patterns



DragonFruit prepared by Matt Bilinski


Even Kuda Huraa has clouds sometimes

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