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New American Electronic Devices Ban includes cameras. Is it safe to check a camera into hold luggage? 

The latest in the series of dictates from Trump is that severe restrictions on electronic devices other than mobile phones will apply to carriers from 12 countries including Jordan and Saudi Arabia. This will however not apply to American carriers. 

This raises many questions including the value of doing this and how and why only 12 countries are affected. Putting this to one side how safe is it to transport cameras especially DSLR cameras and their lenses into hold luggage. Even if we assume they will not go missing in transit packing these cameras to ensure they do not get damaged is going to be complex if not impossible. Similarly computers. Are insurers even prepared to take the risk on this one? 

DSLR cameras are universal now and do not cost the earth . Entry level cameras being around £300. The cost of some though is significantly greater. The new 5D mark 4 is around £3500. Add on lenses and most peoples kit will be above £500 and often £1000. 

Cameras now are made to withstand heat, cold and some degree of being thrown around.  However if one is brave enough to take a look at the baggage handlers as they load and unload cases some of their actions are hardly gentle and can be akin to shot putting.  There can be no guarantee that cameras will withstand this. 

So what should folks do? If it were me I would not check in either camera or computer and for leisure simply do without. It will be interesting to see how insurance companies play this game. 

Stuart Dallas. Footballer at Brentford. A League 1 club in West London.

In a few years remember the name Stuart Dallas. A young Northern Irish footballer who joined Brentford last summer. He played ostensibly his debut game tonight in the FA Cup win over Bradford 4-2. He had a great game, good skill, good effort and my humble prediction is that he will go far. You heard it here first!

Walsall 1 Brentford 0

A truly dissapointing day out. Around 350 Bees fans witnessed a rather tame match and saw Bees beaten by an average Walsall side that are favourites for relegation. The reality was that Brentford played the first half like a reserve team having a pre-season friendly in the sun. Little guile and sadly not so much effort nor skill either. Walsall scored somewhat against the run of play around 20 minutes in and then the result was more or less put to bed by a stupid studs-up challenge from Jake Reeves that deservedly got him red carded. The second half was a  better affair. three Brentford substitutions put a little more spice back into the game but no goals came although Bees went close. Positives from the game? a nice ground to watch football in and decent burger. Simon Moore made some good saves but worried me by his failure to catch much opting to punch almost every time. He also spilled a few shots and had some luck that no passing forward was in reach. Harlee Dean was poor and in fact the whole defence did not give evidence that they will be hard to score against. Kevin O’Connor however maybe man of the match.

This is not a reason to panic but the 350 present will have second thoughts about attending any league cup games next season. Let us hope our first choice team next saturday is better.

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