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Waffle Jacks Sunday Lunch

In Merton there is an excellent Waffle restaurant called Waffle Jacks. The range of likeable food extends from all sorts of burgers, nachos and of course waffles,accompanied by various milkshakes. The food is superb. I can recommend a waffle with golden syrup and ice cream. Now you can have a quarter, half or whole waffle and each quarter is blessed with its own scoop of ice cream. So it is a dangerous if not insulin toxic affair to order a whole waffle with ice cream ( as one of your two selected toppings) as that equates without any mathmatical genius to four scoops.


Merton Graffiti

Having eaten  this feast, which today was a burger and half a waffle, a little stroll down the road takes you to a small alleyway in Merton where the graffiti is superb, graffiti art some call it, I call it decorative.


Peanut Butter milkshake Waffle Jacks


Waffle with golden syrup Waffle Jacks


Waffle  Jacks


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