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Mushrooms and Motorway Service Stations

This seems to have been a week for driving up and down the M1. Not something to recommend frankly. The service stations are appalling and expensive beyond belief. They ask for diesel around 10-12 p per litre more than mere mortal garages. For my car that takes around 60 litres when almost empty, thats a differential of around £7 /tank. When allied to the appalling range of substances they sell masquerading as “food”, and the equally extortionate prices, they are a place of last resort. 

One of my trips was up north to Wentbridge near Pontefract. Dr Hiram Wildgust was giving the monthly lecture to the local nature wildlife group on Funghi in Brockadale. Brockadale is a local nature reserve there where one can apparently freely wander. The local pub there The Bluebell Inn hosted the talk and kindly gave the group free use of a large upstairs room. Dinner before was excellent and good value. Chicken with Wensleydale was a good dinner. The talk was fascinating. One final thing I learned was that one can do painting on the Ipad using an App. The example below was done by a well known artist Ann Wildgust. 



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