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Holy Island AKA Lindisfarne Island

Holy Island is a small island off the Northumbrian coast about 40 miles north of Newcastle. The Lindisfarne Inn that sits on the A1 at the junction with the road that takes you to the causeway is the best place to stay. The island is connected to the mainland by a causeway that allows accessibility at some stage most days, usually for around 6-7 hours, and the tide tables are easily visible on the internet, in pubs and in fact almost everywhere you are advised to check! If you do not then your car will get turned into a boat and not with a James Bond happy outcome. 

The island has a castle run by National Trust which is well worth a visit. A decent walk uphill to the castle is a good start to the day. The downhill walk leads firstly to some coffee shops, where it is obligatory to stop off and have scones, cakes, paninis and maybe all of these. Next door is a fudge shop that does some good flavours, including Salty Caramel, pronounced the winner. Then the Lindisfarne Priory with St Marys Church in its grounds. The choice here is pay for the priory or get the church and graveyard free. Another choice was go after closing hours and hop over the wall into the priory as a number of folks did ( not us). 

The drive back over the causeway is a great piece of fun too. Go there!ImageImageImageImage

The Pigs of Preston Tower and Chathill

Northumberland is a fine county and places emerge that are wondrous and enchanting. One such place is a small hamlet about 3 miles inland from Seahouses called Chathill, not so far from the A1. Here there is a small manor house that has a tower built in its grounds. The tower hosts amongst other things a huge bell and a prison cell. Entry is on a trust basis and costs maybe £2 placed into a wooden box. The tower is well worth entering and up on the third floor one finds that you are on the roof and above the bell. Be warned, the bell is loud and midday when 12 chimes emanate it is an experience for sure. The views over the countryside are splendid.

As you can see below photography can be great here. The views over the fields can be like a Turner painting , the weathervane became an inspirational slide for one of the talks I give on Atomoxetine for ADHD and the flying Cello photograph should not be here as has nothing to do with Preston Tower, but my current favourite slide.

The grounds also host some nice walks through the forest and one can take a number of routes. a decent 2 hour walk can be had. On the last occasion there were some odd noises coming from a field that turned out to be piglets in very playful mood that follow you as you walk along the path. Most occasions we have been there we were the only souls so it cannot be described as busy. This place is a real find. Visit and enjoy.


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