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there does not seem to be much specific advice or comment even so I thought a few words might be interesting for those who find themselves in this unfortunate situation, luckily this is not a job for me but a fairly serious hobby where i try and take my photography to the quality of a professional

after the shock of a totally unexpected stroke i made my decision to fight and try to get back to my previous perceived level. the biggest challenge would be my sports photography in which the weight of the equipment’s going to be a clear challenge

weight challenges– i bought a lighter camera body canon M50 and decided that i would have to use one of my lighter zoom lenses canon 75-300 which is a good lens but not of the standard of 70-200 2.8 or 100-400 and also bought a tamron 14-400

focusing as the stroke left me partially blind ,this required patience and after trying out live view i returned to using viewfinder out of preference another strategy was to take far more shots expecting but not liking the errors

movement being accustomed to moving around a lot this is the biggest challenge having to take all my photos from a wheelchair in one static position

the brain takes a little longer to fathom out the players to follow and potential action areas

but it is all coming together and i will get there while maybe learning new adaptive skills on the way

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