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Things I Must Improve On In 2019

As we enter 2019 in less than 24 hours simple New Year resolutions are feeling dated. There is a list of things that can be started, stopped or simply improved a little. Here is my humble little list. Maybe this can inspire you to write your own and share it.

  1. Bubble management. Probably not the first thing you expected to see. I happen to like bubble bath, but have never bought any in my life. Stealing from the family or from my hotel rooms has been ample. Learning however how much to put in a bath has not been easy for me, bubbles have sometimes cascaded out of the bath towards the ceiling at times, and at others I seem to have added a micro-molecule only. I plan to be ruthless in my ability to insert the correct quantity of bubble bath and if needed will treat it like a randomised controlled trial. 00004633
  2. Loading photographs to my photography website more rapidly. Link to the site is here is where I put my photographs . Sometimes I have whole shoots that remain on the computer for many months, before I upload them. There is little excuse really. So expect to see more posts on my site. 00004824
  3. Do more to help the homeless. This is in the environs of Kings Cross where many homeless people congregate. There sadly is difficulty here as some who purport to be homeless are not at all. Thus making folks increasingly suspicious of the truly homeless. In 2019 it is difficult to contemplate that some folks have to live on the streets . This is simply inhumane. Things need to change and I will investigate ways that I can be useful, other than simply giving money. ebbdbe23-ada5-44f6-96c4-863131a48663

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