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After Death Is Water Cremation (Liquefaction) An option to cremation or burial? Would you like to be flushed down the drain instead of cremated ? A serious option. Take the Survey

The views on death and after death are plentiful both amongst and between those with varying religious beliefs. Sandwell Council in the West Midlands has given planning permission to a crematorium ( Rowley Regis) to fit a £300,000 machine called a Resomator. The Resomator in three hours will turn corpses into liquid and softened bone. Essentially liquefaction replaces cremation. The bone ashes will be given to relatives and the liquid is flushed away. Apparently 330 gallons per dead body. The website of the company Resomation reports that their technique can be described as a “basic process that borrows from the hydrolysis chemistry used by nature after burial but dramatically speeds it up”. In other words they recreate what happens in the soil. The focus of the company is on the environment even such their choice of name “The actual term Resomation was thoughtfully chosen using “Resoma” which is a Greek/Latin derivation for “rebirth of the human body”

Resomation on their website use a lot of what be termed kindly ” marketing speak” which hardly helps their cause. For example

“Instead of burial in earth or burning by fire we now have a true third water based option that allows us to express our environmental awareness and concerns in a positive manner”

This practice is not new and is being used in USA in Florida, Minnesota, California and Chicago, being described as a new flameless cremation option. The machines are built in West Yorkshire by a company called Resomation. So how will UK deal with this? Sandwell council consider this a more environmentally friendly option and a third choice behind burial and cremation. The arguments and debate have already started. Severn Water have refused  a “trade effluent” permit to the council under the premise that dissolved bodies are not covered, a reasonable fact. Water UK which represents the Water supplying companies quite reasonably have reservations over public acceptance of dead people in the water system.


Despite initial reservations and even horror when looking at what is planned there is some logic in this suggestion, but as Severn Water have found, a lot more thought and information needs to go into how this proposition is made to the general public.  I am unsure that using the green option and reduction of environmental damage is the correct way forward. However the debate has started.

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