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Sam Sodje. What have you done? Real waste of talent.

Sadly the story of Sam Sodje is now out there . Sam was one of the real favourites at Brentford and a talented centre back .

Now he is charged with laundering the proceeds of a crime with three others. The princely sum of 80,000£.

Many Bees fans will recall his defending, his goals and his occasional catastrophe. But mostly his really strong relationship with Bees fans. He played 100 league and cup games scoring 14 goals and was at Brentford 2004-2006. Brentford sold him to Reading for 350,000£ which actually was the only time any fee was involved in any of his transfers. His last professional football was in 2013 at Portsmouth.

The link to the details are all here

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One thought on “Sam Sodje. What have you done? Real waste of talent.

  1. iamthesunking on said:

    I love your blog. I’m learning so much about The Bees that I didn’t know before!

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