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It is anyone’s guess which Brentford team will emerge on saturday against Bristol City

On paper this is should be a Bees win and in fact my prediction is a comfortable 3-1 victory. However as many times this season Bees are capable of being brilliant or being dire and rarely in between.img_1308

Bristol city are in fact a decent side and I am surprised that they sit on the edge of the relegation places however the reality is that they are likely to survive as there are some awful teams in our division this season. Wigan and Rotherham have booked their visits to Southend and maybe Fleetwood already. They need the points and will not be easy to beat, with Tammy Abraham a good finished goals are likely.00007680

What might be the Brentford team? If bjelland is fit I would expect him to start ahead of Egan based on Dean Smith’s previous team selections, though personally Egan and Dean are the strongest central pairing we have. I would like to see Tom Field have a few games before the end of the season and for the same reason above expect him to start with Rico Henry on the bench. Upfront Vibe and Jota surely, with a midfield of Woods , possibly McCormack, Canos, Sawyers.00007400

Selection decisions? Should Josefzoon also have a run in the side? Difficult one, as that would be in place of Canos.

Looking ahead to next season, the other area that Bees need to strengthen is the reserve goalkeeper position. Jack Bonham does not seem to have the ability to play at this level and frankly both Bonham and Hoffman would benefit from regular football at a lower level.

In the remaining games this season I would like to see our first team for next year develop and go on a decent run. where we finish is not really important in that 10th or 13th makes zero difference, but carrying forward momentum is important. I have no wish to see fringe players play who have no future at Brentford. Lets hope saturday brings 3 points as a birthday present for the 70 year old Peter Gilham. But lets not put him in goal!


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4 thoughts on “It is anyone’s guess which Brentford team will emerge on saturday against Bristol City

  1. Malcolm Spiro on said:

    It could be Brentford booking their trips to Southend or Fleetwood as they will be fighting for a place in The Championship.
    Is does matter where we finish as players would have incentives set to finish as high as possible and it’s important to have confidence for next season.

    As for Bonham. How do you know he doesn’t have the ability to play Championship football? He’s never done it! Can’t judge him on Oxford and a couple of fleeting appearances in the cup!

    Wigan and Rotherham. So awful we got 4 points from 12 available. Yeah, they’ll go down but there isn’t much between the teams in this division

    • Bonham I have seen in the B team games and reserve games and does not look to me a good keeper. I agree one can never be sure but his calamitous games for Bees does suggest he is not the man. What he needs however is game time.
      We will not go down. Losing to the clubs down the bottom I think reflects the weaknesses in DS team selection, for some games you need big players.

  2. Headpin on said:

    Do not disagree but would add that we need a striker desperately.

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