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Brentford are Consistent. Consistently inconsistent. What will happen at Burton? 

Too many times this season Bees have been lauded as one of the best teams other sides have played. A great performance is then followed by incredibly dire ones. How many times have we had this during the season? Games lost against Wolves, Fulham, Wigan, Blackburn amongst others. Why does this happen? Why does Dan Bentley openly admit that ‘ wolves wanted it more’? Why should Bees not be as motivated ? Is this down to the players or the manager? 

Most fans have their views but will all agree on a few things. We need more physical midfielders. We need a Plan B. We need more strikers. But the fans are not all convinced that the players are to blame for these disparate resukts. Some feel the manager is at fault. It is his job to motivate the players and select a team that is ‘up for it’. 

It might be even more complex. Certainly no managers are faultless and all players can have an off day. But my view is that Dean Smith is not good at selecting the right team for the right game. There are some games where one knows physicality wil be important . The dire 0-0 home draw with Wigan is one example. He needs to have and to select more physical players. The only exception to this is Jota who must start every game. He also needs to make changes to a system earlier in a game.  Changes could and should have been made early against Wolves. 

So what’s the prediction versus Burton? I suspect a tough game and maybe a draw would be a decent result. Bees are a mid table side and it would be good to now push on to a good run of form building for next season. 

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One thought on “Brentford are Consistent. Consistently inconsistent. What will happen at Burton? 

  1. Headpin on said:

    My views on Dean Smith have been made on a number of occasions on a Number of forums. As well as the points above I still feel that he is clueless in setting up a defence.

    We have some very good defenders but a rubbish defence, IMO. I think everyone agrees that Brentford will always let a goal in at sometime during a match. We defend too deep and too narrow. We put ourselves under pressure by defending in and around our own penalty area. Possibly due to the lack of a decent midfield defensive policy?

    And why do we persist in playing out from the defence all of the time. We are Sussex either before the match or early on by any half decent manager and they press up and we then see the inevitable panic to get the ball back to Bentley.

    I think this is all down to the sterile tactics of Smith who seems incapable of being able to adapt a different style in match or even shake the formation or tactics up.

    Smith is an average Division One manager who will take us down if we are not careful. I am still smarting from the crazy decision to extend his contract. Why? He has hardly shown that he will get us challenging and surely there is not a queue at the gates of GP for his services?

    We need to see some smart transfer activity in the summer, assuming we do not capituate and go down as those below seem to be on an upward trend whilst we blow hot and double cold.

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