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Painshill Park – Some Flooding Returns. Photos 

The recent heavy rain has meant that as in many years the rivers and streams running through Painshill have broken their banks with some localised flooding. 

This is Sutton Football Club. Arsenal fans should prepare for a real football ground. Photos 

The ground is only 0.5 miles from the town centre and the first hurdle for fans will be parking. Strongly advise travel by train. 

The second hurdle will be the relative lack of toilets! So don’t drink too much beer. 

The third hurdle will be the absence of prawn sandwiches and quiche…. in fact not so many food outlets . 

But this is a real ground. Real football with real football smells. You can see a comprehensive set of photos on my football grounds website

But a few here to sample taken at the FA cup second round tie versus Cheltenham. 

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