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A worrying Brentford performance. Brentford 1 Sheff Wed 1

Although the result shows a draw this game should go down in the annals as a game that could start a season of struggle.  Many fans struggled to get to the game on time due to roadworks in the area  and to avoid the dangers of Knotweed. 

In short Brentford with the exception of Daniel Bentley and Ryan Woods were poor. Off the pace all afternoon. Abysmal tactics. Disjointed substitutions.  I am struggling to recall a single tackle Brentford won and if they won a single header then I missed it. 

Sheff Wed should have been even 4-0 up at half time . An astonishing miss from under the crossbar will go viral on Twitter later. Brentford were second to every ball.  The Brentford goal from Vibe was a comedy of errors from the keeper Westwood who having kicked the ball against Vibe then watched it trickle into his net. 

The referee managed later to send off two players when really he should have had better options. The game hardly contained a meaningful foul. 

The Sheff Wed equaliser had been coming and when it did arrive in injury time the Brentford players played the remaining minutes seemingly hanging on to the point. 

Why were Bees so poor? Certainly the physical presence of their opponents was one factor yet that does not explain the abysmal work rate.  The whole midfield were anonymous and with the exception of the tenacious Ryan Woods one might have been excused not knowing that Yennaris and McCleod were even playing. 

In contrast Daniel Bentley was superb making world class saves. So simply there is no real explanation for this poor performance. But a worrying sign of what might lie ahead. 

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3 thoughts on “A worrying Brentford performance. Brentford 1 Sheff Wed 1

  1. against a team that has spent 70million

  2. Tim Pyle on said:

    Knotweed that’s not fuckin knotweed, we have bucket loads of that shit.

    Ref the game we were poor which made them look good, they should have been 3 up at half time, in the end we should have won, Lasse closed down all afternoon and got his reward, ref evened up the game with sending him off. Wish more of our players had lasse commitment, sawyers is a waste of space, Mcloed anonymous, woods good yet again, Bentley premiership class. #Bees

  3. Headpin on said:

    Agree. Absolutely abysmal. Wednesday must be wondering how they did not get 5 or 6. Bentley was great. Woods worked hard but his poor distribution and occasional lack of foresight are also evident.

    Dean Smith is clueless I am afraid. Poor tactics, poor selection, poor formation and pour substitutions. We saw this last season when he arrived. Unfortunately he got a few lucky results towards the end and that helped his cause. But a donkey is z donkey even if on an odd occasion it performs like a stallion. Smith is a donkey and unless he is man enough to go he must be pushed otherwise Div 1 becons. After all this performance was not much worse than the two previous home games, we were just luckier, that’s all!!!

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