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Australia is not an average place by far. Things are good here

From the moment your plane lands at 5 am and you are in a taxi at 5.20 am having been through immigration you know this is a kind of special and unique country. Maybe I was slow picking this up as obtaining an online business visitor visa was free and took maybe 30 seconds. The rules here are both sensible and enforced. A few unique ones such as a maximum speed of 10 kph for pedestrians . Australia is not cheap . Paying 4.5 Australian dollars for actually an awful mug of coffee by Darling harbour surprised me. Both that it was awful and expensive , on both counts. 

Things are sensible here. Hotel rooms are not ridiculously large and have things you actually want like a free minbar not for the alcohol , though there is that, but the water and Coke Zero etc. 

Wherever you look there are curious things. Parakeets sqwarking at people and plump one legged seagulls. The seagulls seem not frightened by the walking tourists and seem in competition to sqwark louder than the parakeets. 

Australian people are normal but a little more blunt than UK counterparts. With a dry humour that I find infectious. Service in bars and restaurants is just that , service. Far better than UK and on a par with Belgium and Slovenia where the best customer service is found. 

A curious number seem to wear no shoes although this couple seemed to be arguing after a night out . Strange things are also  seen like a gate with no clear purpose or function. 

Everywhere you look there are views that somehow differ from any other country. A lot of people run and exercise and driving through cities and towns it is striking how many sports facilities there are . Even the public toilets at Darling harbour are colourful and quirky. 

The roads are generally well designed and with clear variable speed limits that often  reflect school terms and school times. Plenty of speed cameras ensure that limits are adhered to. Do be prepared though for many tolls and the costs can be large . 

The views generally are impressive and street art adorns many walls and garages with some being special. Some of the simple things in life like waking early and capturing sunrise may be some of the most beautiful things you do in Australia. 

Australia is a long way from Europe and involves around 24 hours of flying but a place well worth visiting. 

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