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Beyond Awful Football shirts

Despite the fact that selling football shirts makes clubs a huge amount of money there are some truly hideous ones out there. The Guardian of all people set the ball rolling in 2013 with these photos and they highlight a curious kit sponsor entitled POOH Jeans


Some of these are beyond belief, and it can be envisaged that colour blindness or even total blindness can be the only mitigating factor in their selection. It equates with the Latvia entry for 2016 Eurovision winning, and you need to go and hear this. The Norwich kit is particularly curious as it is their third kit, the only saving grace, but when you consider in fact that all three kits are yellow and green, it makes you wonder what they will wear with a real kit clash.

A few examples of awfulness can further get us going

For this season The Mirror trawled through  a few dreadful kits being worn and posted their most awful selection, however it has to be said that the awfulness imposed on us for 2015-16 is in fact rather less than that back in 2013. With one exception, the kit worn by Japanese side V-Varen Nagasaki.


The one I feel is under rated in its awfulness is Swansea City away kit 2015-16

Swansea away

But we should not under rate other entrants into this fascinating competition.


But the winner of the most awful kit of all time must go to this one:




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2 thoughts on “Beyond Awful Football shirts

  1. deliasabaglady on said:

    narwich scum kit a winner by a country mile. the only thing they have ever won!

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