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Lucinda Belle Orchestra At Pizza Express Photos

Lucinda Belle is an artist who has produced an album and played numerous concerts over the last few years but who has been a little quiet this last 12 months.

00001412This week March 2016 she played two nights at Pizza Express Jazz Club in Dean street London and was simply amazing. Her new music sounds fresh and interesting and she is one the artists that genuinely sound better live than on recordings.

Her performance was inspirational and the music excellent. The only critiscism was that I could have listened to another few hours of music.


The Pizza Expresss venue is in my opinion the worst place to photgraph in the whole world and I will devote a separate blog to that in due course, but maybe one of the best to hear live music. Her band are also superb and I have had the pleasure of hearing Sheldon Conrich and Philipp Groyssboeck play many times in the LBO.


Sheldon Conrich


Phillip Groyssboeck



Lucinda Belle and Sheldon Conrich


Sheldon Conrich


Phillip Groyssboeck

Enjoy some of these shots from the other night.


Sheldon Conrich and Lucinda Belle Duet


Lucinda Belle


Lucinda Belle


Lucinda Belle


Lucinda Belle


Lucinda Belle


Lucinda Belle


Lucinda Belle


Lucinda Belle


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