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Zika Virus Update. Can be spread by Sexual Transmission

The essence of Zika was covered in an earlier blog.

Tonight health officials in Dallas have reported that the first case of Zika being spread by sexual transmission has been reported. Earlier today there was widespread newspaper coverage that travel companies are having to allow cancellations of holidays when pregnant females are travelling. Virgin and Thompson had originally resisted allowing this under the guise it seems of ” we have no policy in place”.

The WHO yesterday at last declared that Zika was a global health emergency, and at last people are starting to understand the real current and future severity of this virus.

The Brazilian politicians are trying to protect the Olympics to be held there later this year, by telling folks that it will not be an issue, Zika , because it is their winter. Countries with negative stances on abortion such as El salvador may also have to take alternate views.

Importantly also two days ago a German company, Genekam, has developed a diagnostic test that can accurately detect the virus in humans. By revealing the virus in the blood but also it is claimed give some indication as to quantity. The importance of this is that as only 20% of those infected actually develops an illness, the test can separate illness from virus carriers. Surprisingly the cost seems as low as 5 euros. The kits have been sent to Brazil where the authorities have significantly reduced the time for the authorisation and approval. countries-reporting-autochthonous-zika-virus-cases


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