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Hey Violet – USA Band

Playing tomorrow at O2 Islington. Sold out so no tickets available now.

Hey Violet are the first band that 5SOS have signed to their own record label. They originate from LA and have been described as punk rockers. Until December 2014 they were known as Cherri Bomb. The group was formed in 2008 as Cherri Bomb while its members were still in middle school and originally consisted of Julia Pierce (lead vocals, guitar), Miranda Miller (guitar, vocals) Rena Lovelis (bass guitar, vocals) and Nia Lovelis (drums, vocals). Pierce departed the band in 2013, and was replaced by Casey Moreta (guitar, vocals), before changing their name to Hey Violet in 2015, and signed to Hi Or Hey Records. As Cherri Bomb, they were signed to Hollywood Records, and released their first and so far, only, studio album This Is the End of Control in 2012.

The cute thing is that they did a short acoustic sets outside Wembley SSE arena and other European venues…

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