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Waffle Jacks In Merton/Wimbledon

Waffles are becoming far more of a British thing. I recently visited a restuarant in Durham where the choice was wide between sweet and savoury, the only thing being, one is always enough, if not too much. Recently I saw that this restaurant had opened only doors away from a bakery i often frequent. Today was the day to visit. Very impressed. Nice small menu. Waffles, Bagels and Burgers mostly. All looking good. The place is laid out like an American Diner. Music from the 50s plays nicely in the background. The waffles were superb. I can only comment on the Banana, Maple Syrup and toffee sauce waffle, and a nibble of the Peanut butter and Maple Syrup one. Nice touch is that you can order whole waffles, halves or even quarters.

Their website is at

A cute touch also .Free WI-Fi as well as USB ports for mobileā€¦

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