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A 45 Second Rant against Slow people in airports.

Written by the 14 year old and made me laugh. 

One of the things that really annoys me is when people walk very, very slowly in front of you. Sometimes these people realize that there is in fact, somebody behind them and obligingly let you go past but most of the time they remain completely unaware, even if you do politely ask them if you could “just get through.” Apparently, this category of people tends to be both ignorant of your polite pleas and also surprisingly very slow indeed. As well as this, these people often seem to appear right when you are in a hurry, in airports for example. You have just gone through the whole rigmarole of trying to find your boarding cards, had your bag checked by security because there was some dangerous hand cream that was over 100mls and not in the plastic bag provided, and finally you settle down on the hard plastic seats before you realize that the departure screen for your flight is reading LAST CALL and you rush off to your gate which is not where the signposts state it is, and just as you are hurrying through those corridors, you are stopped by the people in front as they are walking as slow as is humanly possible. Possibly even slower than that in fact. Unfortunately for the fast walker type of people, the slower people not only can always be located directly in front of you, but also have the tendency to walk in large clumps of slow walking people. The only way out of this situation is to push through and apologize profusely, and hope that no other person has the misfortune to be stuck behind these people at any time that day.


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