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I was the rush hour. A transport story involving a Rheumatology Congress in Glasgow at SECC, Southampton football club and the rush hour.

One of the more unusual presentations at this years BSR congress ( the annual rheumatology congress in UK, usually devoted mainly to illnesses such as Rheumatoid Arthritis etc), was a nice presentation from Phillip Cooper describing the epidemiology of sporting injuries amongst elite football players. This was a study conducted at Southampton football club from 2007-2010 and included all 272 players. As expected most injuries were muscular or ligamentous, but of interest was the time that they happened.  There was a trend to slightly increased frequency in the latter parts of each 45 minute half and in the last quarter of a training session in the first-team players. My question to the presenter related to whether injuries were worse in any one division as Southampton have been up and down the leagues over that period. A great talk and a real surprise to find this on the agenda.


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