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Caveat Emptor – 4/5/15


Crawley Town v Coventry CityI was watching The Football League Show a couple of weeks ago in the wee early hours of Sunday morning and I thought that I must have been dreaming as I saw a familiar looking lanky striker wearing Sky Blue dance around an opposition goalkeeper with consummate ease and balletic grace and then with the empty goal gaping in front of him, he carefully and precisely rolled his shot onto the outside of the post from where it dribbled feebly wide. I woke up with a start and realised that it was no dream but what I had witnessed was the renaissance of Nick Proschwitz, recalled to the Coventry City team after an injury crisis which saw them otherwise bereft of strikers and seemingly left with no alternative other than pick somebody out of the crowd if they were not to select the Brentford loanee.

Nick signed for Coventry on loan a…

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