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The Day of the Spiders

Over the last few weeks I have been watching the spiders in the garden. They build the most intricate webs, grow larger with their regular meals and they reach a point where they are massive in spider terms. I was watching these spiders today and decided that they were having a chilled out day, just out in the sun relaxing, eating what could be in spider land Salted Caramel Ice creams in the sun. But  they looked so relaxed, not being bothered much by me at all. The photographs are of two spiders and they need names. But to be awkward I am going to call them both Katie Spider . Just random names.  So tonight I am introducing you to these two spiders and we can all follow them in the days to come. I think I was quite kind to both of them, leaving them alone to think and make or mend their web. I am sure there was some film about a spider, a cute one, but the name of the film escapes me. But my two spiders are the cutest of all. Their webs remain intact, they have crept into their night time hiding places and all is quiet. They seem rather happy living in the garden. I know this is not true in a vetinary manner but they do look like they have eyes and are watching their food.

best7 best8 best10 Untouched Sad in my cage2 best8 best11 IMG_0836 IMG_0856
touched IMG_0900

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