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The Real Heroes of non-League football. Fans of Woodford Utd

Woodford united ply their trade in the EvoStik Southern, Central division. This is the eighth their of English football. Image Or at least they did this season. Having lost all 42 of their games played they will hopefully be relegated to a milder level of football next season. I took a look at their website. Interesting.  “All new players welcome. Just turn up at a training session”. Is this the reason they have lost all 42 games or as a response. I just wish I had got to see them play. Can they be so bad? Which part of the team is the worst. What does their programme say? What can their manager say? Do they have a manager? Do they invite managers to just turn up? All these questions. 

The website tells us that Paul Oddy is both the mnager and the Team Administrator, and guess what there is a link if you want to apply to be a team administrator. The league table tells its own story. A negative goal difference of 164 over 42 games does not bode well. Scoring only 21 goals also does not suggest that the forwards run riot. The forum on the website has one posting from a ” new fan” who lives in Bolton and will try and see a game. On researching a little more they play in a town called Woodford Halse, near Daventry. The ground allegedly has a capacity of 3000 but last weekend their crowd was 42. 

It is proving difficult to find out exactly how and why they are so bad. There must be salient reasons? But on a website at

We can start to see why. This is an advert for new players.

Woodford United Football Club play in Woodford Halse, and are members of the Evo Stik Southern League Division 1 Central. 

The club is currently bottom of the league with 0 points, and change is urgently needed. 

That is why the club is looking out for new players from the Northamptonshire area (and other areas too!) whom would be interested in playing football with us. The club is seeking players mainly in the 16-25 age range, although players aged 25+ will be considered. 

All the club asks is that you are fit and able to withstand the challenge of Southern League Standard football, and that you are willing and dedicated to training and playing. 

Players in ALL positions are required, and Football CV’s should be addressed to the following: 

FAO Mr. Andrew Worrall (Club Chairman) 
Woodford United Football Club 
Byfield Road 
Woodford Halse, near Daventry 
NN11 3QR. 

You may also contact the club via 01327 263 734. 

Strictly no time wasters, many thanks. 


Now having read all this, there is an alternative view from ( incidentally a website that I like that brings news of bands and gigs. But maybe their football acumen is not so good? They write this.

 Home of Woodford United Football Club, members of the British Gas Business Southern League – Division One Midlands, and one of the most successful and thriving clubs in the region – a club at the very heart of its community.

22. Woodford United 42 0 0 42 21 185 -164 0 0

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