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Do not nibble my Olives

A short post to emphasise something that to most of us is basic and obvious. If we are in a shop and we select fresh food, we don’t  take an item, nibble it and put it back? Or do we . This sign today at Garsons Farm Shop at Esher suggests maybe some customers do. If they do they are likely to drive Range Rovers the size of a bus and can afford the not inconsiderable prices charged in this Surrey outpost.

The only other occasion I can recall where similar warnings were given was at a school fair a few years ago , when parents were extolled to bring certain items in to be used as prizes or to be sold and the school had to emphasise that ” toiletry items should be new and not partially used”. So no bringing along the end of a bar of soap or a toilet roll, or worse.

Dont nibble my Olives

Dont nibble my Olives

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