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Things to make you laugh. The 10 commandments as not written by Moses.

The 12 year old goes to an amazing school, than will remain nameless. Religon is new part of her repertoire of lessons this year and I suspect she is not enamoured. the other day she came home and made a throwaway comment that one of the lists they had been given in class was wrong and said that ” they should commit adultery”. This seemed like worth investigating as adultery in 12 year olds is not so common. Said piece of paper was provided and hysterics ensued. A few small mis-prints but so funny!!

Thou shalt commit adultery and thou shalt steal……….

Rant about Marriott hotels. Part 2

There has already been multiple rants over the Marriott policy to charge for wi-fi at the extortionate rate of 15£ for 24 hours, which is unfair on many levels, including how rarely one actually stays physically in a hotel for 24 hours, and of charging to park. Well, here in Edinburgh it is warmer outside than in my room. Despite turning all the dials up like a mad old professor , the heat level seems to have decreased with the added benefit of a hideous grinding noise coming from what might be a fan.

My solution? To find an abandoned radiator in the hallway, wheel it into my room when no-one is looking , turn each dial up to maximum and then hope………

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