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Burlington Junior School. How a child changes in 7 years. A photographic dissertation

Burlington junior school is a primary and secondary school deep in the suburbs of New Malden in Surrey. By chance it sits less than 300 yards as the crow flies from our house. When our daughter was 4 we took a look around and made a decision that this was a good school and more importantly the right school. We were not wrong. Our daughter now 11 years of age leaves the school today after 7 years to venture into secondary school next term. What have we learned? Firstly that this school nurtures children. Yes, there is the flurry of excitement to get good SATS results, yes, the homework is annoying at times, but at all times the children are encouraged to be children. School is so much more than rote learning. It is about socialisation and working out how the world functions. The teaching experience has been good with many examples of excellence. Looking back would we change anything? I dont think so.

We have watched many of the children grow up in a lovely manner and for our daughter we took a photograph each first day of the school year. So the first one was taken when she was almost 5 and the last one today when she is almost 12. Without doubt the biggest change is in Year 6 ( when the children become 11 years old and some even almost 12 years old).

So please enjoy seeing these changes and it is going to be a strange old walk tomorrow for the last time to Burlington Junior School. Thankyou for all your kindnesses.

5 years old. First day at school

6 years old

7 years

8 years

9 years

10 years

11 years

Last Day

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2 thoughts on “Burlington Junior School. How a child changes in 7 years. A photographic dissertation

  1. raynebair on said:

    I love that you took photos each year. Our daughter is about to start kindergarten at age 5 and I will definitely do this so we can see her transformation. Good luck to her and thanks for the idea.

  2. roxana on said:

    What a moving tribute and a wonderful set of pictures of your ever blossoming girl. Memories to cherish.

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