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The Victoria Restaurant GastroPub Sheen

Dinner was served for my 55th birthday there. We had heard about the restuarant on Twitter, looked on the website and decided to go for it. This is not a place one will find by chance tucked away in the residential areas of Sheen. A small car park. There is a lot of resemblance to another of my favourite restaurants The Dog and Partridge at Sunninghill. The menu is short but with some great choices. I went for the Sea Trout. All four of us enjoyed our meal a lot. The only negative choice was the Pork Cheek, which despite having a great taste had too much a jelly texture for my son and indeed I tried it but did not like. The general consensus was great place, starters and puddings were best. We drank beer but the wine list looked good. Next time we return we will do the two course menu. Recommended!

The Restaurant

A nice course

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One thought on “The Victoria Restaurant GastroPub Sheen

  1. i miss you all!! hope you had a nice time 🙂 cant wait for you to get here!!!!!!!! xxx

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