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Lucinda Belle Orchestra. Magical evening and magical music

Occasionally one gets lucky with music. About a year ago my eldest daughter told me ( as she usually does) to listen to a CD by a band that I had not heard of. The drive home was about an hour and I listened, and listened and have not really stopped listening. Her presence on the social media front has been sporadic and the occcasional tweet sometimes informed that a gig was imminent. A month ago we were lucky to see her at the TurnerSims concert hall at Southampton university and there we learned that she was playing a 3-night residency at Jazz Club Pizza Express in Soho. Last night for a mere 15£ we went along. Just to be clear that this is the downstairs of a Pizza Express that has a club that unsurprisingly sells pizzas. The furthest table away is maybe 15 metres and the nearest literally less than a few inches. Acoustics are great, atmosphere is buzzy and prices not at all exhorbitant, bottlw of wine 17£ ( central london prices are often far more).

The music. Magical. She played a lot of songs from her album and a couple from her new EP, and a few new songs as the band are currently hovering in a studio somewhere and after the concert Lucinda told us that towards the end of this year we can expect more gigs. This girl is not just good but special. Her music is original and enchanting and varies sometimes to the pop end and then back down to what she called something like ” gypsy rock”. I am not sure why we have not heard more of her. She is 38years. Are her concerts and albums well marketed? In my humble opinion, no. When I compare the plethora of tweets from artistes like Tim Minchin and Kyla La Grange, who flog their concerts easily and then of course get the online social media feedback, her presence is minimal, but can be corrected.

All I can say is go and buy her album and follow this band online. Although Lucinda Belle fronts the band, and plays harp on most songs, she does relax and do vocals only on a few. Her band line up does seem to change but last night they totalled 7 members including Bass, guitar, keyboards ( a Matt Smith look alike), drummer etc.

Photos all taken without flash using ISO speeds of 12500-25000 so grainy shots as you expect.


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One thought on “Lucinda Belle Orchestra. Magical evening and magical music

  1. Colin Conrich on said:

    Thankyou for your blog, I was there on the 13th the first night and I thought the LBO were Sensational, I have been to many of their gigs and as you say there was a fine selection of numbers from Lucinda’s first album ,and some from day dreamer, and some from the Urban album all of which I have.
    I particularly liked the version of “keep on looking” which if anyone has the daydreamer album started with the opening from the jazz version with Sheldon playing acoustic guitar and Lucinda and he having a great time, just when I thought they were going to do the full version they went into the reggae beat of the original and that was great, and nicely surprising, which is why this great band is totally unpredictable.
    Loved the new songs which I hadn’t heard before, quite different vibe and very exciting. I liked them all, but again liked the one which Lucinda and Sheldon wrote, it had great rhythm and a driving beat, good words and a catchy tune, and mores to the point the band seemed to really get into it, and all in all a great evening.
    Ofcourse I am a little biassed, as I’m proud to say that Sheldon is my son, and he and Lucinda sing really well together , along with the fact that the LBO is due some success, maybe one day we’ll see them perform on Jules Hollands Show, God knows they are good enough. Get in there !!!!

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