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A lovely description of a reason to sponsor Charles!

Jayne Bithrey

Well, I’ve told stories about the young boys and the important issues in their lives. But now that two of the older children have come home for Easter, guess what the subject for discussion is? Discussion and debate, quickly followed by grovelling, begging and pleading. Manipulation and deception are in there somewhere too. Have you guessed?

It’s money.

One of these children is at university, and one is in a first job. One is doing charity work, one has to travel, both have on-going debt and both have to eat sometimes. Money is therefore a prime consideration.

Our son is attempting to raise major amounts of money for ‘Help for Heroes’ the charity supported by his university and which deserves every penny it can get. He is also a student, and therefore mostly penny-less. What I didn’t realise, having only shaken a bucket or donated online myself, was the amount of personal expenditure that is necessary before you ever get close to raising any money for anyone else. In…

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