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So yesterday this big fish made my day!!!  A beautiful manta ray came along the wall dropoff, and happilly swam really close to me and my divers. What a special sight!! Majestic, beautiful creatures. They really do ‘fly’ along in the water, with small waves of their massive wings. Stunning!!

The day before had been an exhausting one. It started at 6am, and I was not home until 9.30pm. This was as I guided my first night dive. Pretty scary stuff, 8 divers, have to lead, find fish, keep an eye on everyone, and find your way back to the boat in pitch black!! It was beautiful though. At one point in the dive I stopped to do a bio-luminescent part. You kneel on the sand, turn all your lights off and wave your arms like a mad man. This creates tiny sparks of marine plankton who when moved emit a…

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