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A strange sunday

Well not all stange. Saturday we had the pleasure of the Burlington school fete, which lacked some of the side shows of previous years, in fact lacked all of them. Then headed down to see Sarah for dinner. We were met by Alice demanding that I came upstairs to see her tidy bedroom and show me the baby hamster ( that looked more like a petrified shrew). Alice was on form and not happy to be sent to bed at about 9 pm. Wine and champagne was consumded to celebrate Sarah having this literary agent represent her. We stayed down at that Fareham hotel as too old to drive back late.
Today we got back around 1pm and was happily sitting in the garden. Temperature around 30 today at least. Suddenly saw a small white dog trotting at the top of the garden, a sort of cross between a poddle and a king charles spaniel. Nice dog. Clearly thirsty. Collar but no details. So elena and I spent 2 hours trudging the local streets to see if we could find anyone looking for their dog. Knocked at a few doors that the dog seemed interested in but no joy. So in the end the Merton dog warden came, scanned the nek and a chip was there and took the dog to hopefully find its owner. Funny old day.
am driving again to Newcastle early monday morning, another 350 miles……….joy.

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