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Charity cycle ride from london to Istanbul by Charles Bushe and Exeter university students

Up at 5 am to get the first train up to london to see Charles Bushe leave on his charity cycle expedition with the Exeter uni team cycling to Istanbul. I am informed that this is 4500km.
Whitehall was deserted and coffee was only obtainable from McDonalds. Loads of army up there ” guarding” the beach volleyball arena. Rather appropriate as the charity that Charles is cycling for is Help for Heroes. An awful train service from First Great western meant that his mother and siblings missed them depart. They waited until the last moment but then at 7.30 am really had to head off from the Cenotaph on their way to Dover.
This is going to be an amazing expedition for them and I suspect that there will be many life learnings on the way. But am I worried? Not at all. why not? Do not know.
If anyone would like to still sponsor them ( a few pounds would be brilliant), then this is the link and also the link to their blog, which allegedly they will update daily. Photos of their deparature follow in an album. Enjoy.

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