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Gibraltar. Dont believe in the hype and glamour.

Do not be fooled by the glamarous sounding name, this is a very average place. The people who may thrive here are few but will be folks that like to smoke and drink constantly. Preferably dont eat, or drink coffee , because these vices are incredibly expensive. The fun part of Gibraltar falls into 3 components

  1. Seeing the Rock as you drive along the Southern Spanish coast
  2. The fun of walking across the runway to get into Gibraltar ( the only way, and yes, they give you good warning when the planes are coming)
  3. Dolphin trips in the bay, when there are dolphins to be seen ( and there were none the day in June we went)

The bad things?

  1. Little else really to do ( ok i know the rock and the apes etc……..)
  2. appalling queue to get out as customs frisk each spaniard who is carryinh more than 20 cigarettes ( but interestingly get it right, we saw a woman produce endless packets from around her ample waist, which remained ample afterwards)
  3. Apart from alcohol and tobacco, the price of everything is high. Three cups of tea in Casement Square £10

I bring you the photographic evidence.

Standing on the runway in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Airport Runway with no intruders

Although the Marina is a pleasant place, preferably if you leave your wallet at home, this is more typical type of boat to be seen in the straits

how close the planes are

Not a Yacht

Gibraltar Straits

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