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Medieval Times move further away. Currys. New Malden

I bought a television in 1996 when moving into my current home and it has not been replaced. At first people thought it was quaint but now they look with disbelief that such a huge old TV can be used. Finally things started to go wrong with it. It could no longer get telextext. The DVD player seemed not to want to talk to the TV, so today at last Curry’s are the beneficiary of some money to purchase a replacement. Now when one goes into curry’s at New Malden the first thing you see are hundreds of TV screens at the back of the shop, but trying to fathom out which is best is not easy. There are so many questions one has not thought of as the staff talk to you in seemingly a foreign language.  ” Do you want Tivo? Do you want Smart TV? Freeview?”. However having got through this maze and avoided the kind gentleman who tried to sign me up for various insurance packages, all refused, at last a TV was bought and will arrive friday. not stoping there with the innovation on offer, a Breville toasting device was bought and already used 5 times to make toasted sandwiches, delicious.

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