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Cowpie Country Show 2015

Cowpie sounds like a strange menu item but in fact is the annual show for the Surrey Young Farmers. Up until this year it had been held at Betchworth near Dorking, but maybe because last years event had to be postponed due to rain , it was moved to near Lingfield.

The Cowpie Country Show is organised entirely by Young Farmers and volunteers and is held annually in May. The Show attracts around 20,000 visitors who come to see the wide range of main ring attractions, livestock, side shows and trade stands.

Cowpie also incorporates one of Surrey YFC’s main competition days, so visitors can see Young Farmers competing in events around the show ground, like hay bail racing, livestock judging, charity racing and archery.

The show is a great day out with a mixture of events, like various dog racing and dog competitions, birds of prey ( a little sanitised if I am honest), stalls, a small fair and various other diverse events that include tarot card reading ( maybe something for Nick Clegg next time?), motorcycle stunt riders, sheep shearers and many more things.

Kestrel at Cowpie 2015

Kestrel at Cowpie 2015

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Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport

Although I am not generally a fan of airport hotels, this one at Arlanda Stockholm is the exception. Really nice rooms, really nice breakfast and nice bar areas too. And you reach it from the concourse somewhere between terminals 4 and 5IMG_8354 IMG_8359 IMG_8361 IMG_8362

Caveat Emptor – 4/5/15

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Crawley Town v Coventry CityI was watching The Football League Show a couple of weeks ago in the wee early hours of Sunday morning and I thought that I must have been dreaming as I saw a familiar looking lanky striker wearing Sky Blue dance around an opposition goalkeeper with consummate ease and balletic grace and then with the empty goal gaping in front of him, he carefully and precisely rolled his shot onto the outside of the post from where it dribbled feebly wide. I woke up with a start and realised that it was no dream but what I had witnessed was the renaissance of Nick Proschwitz, recalled to the Coventry City team after an injury crisis which saw them otherwise bereft of strikers and seemingly left with no alternative other than pick somebody out of the crowd if they were not to select the Brentford loanee.

Nick signed for Coventry on loan a…

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A good reason not to always travel by boat to Brentford to watch Brentford FC. Thinking of Chelsea…

The River Thames today at around 11 am one hour prior to kick off.

River Thames at Brentford

River Thames at Brentford

River Thames at Brentford

River Thames at Brentford

Brentford 3 Wigan 0. Brentford in the Playoffs for Premiership

Almost unbelievable. A slightly subdued Griffin Park watched as miracles happened with Brentford easily marching past Wigan 3-0 and alos missing the obligatory penalty on the way. But a good Bees performance, although they might have scored many more was enough to get them in the playoffs, with Derby losing surpringly at home to Reading 0-3 and Ipswich losing at Blackburn 3-2. So three sides end up on 78 points and only Wolves with the worst goal difference lose out.

A few photos from a semi-pitch invasion that ceased when the crowd were told that the players would not be coming out that friday the pitch was needed for in good condition and they all dispersed in good mood.

River Thames at Brentford

River Thames at Brentford

River Thames at Brentford

River Thames at Brentford

IMG_2549 Tarkowski Penalty Miss....again IMG_2551 IMG_2552 IMG_2553 IMG_2554 IMG_2555 IMG_2561

Views Flying Over Slovenia

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Walton and Hersham 1 East Grinstead 1 . A poor game

As I have been watching Walton since the days of their FA Amateur cup win at Wembley, where then the bulk of their team was the team that became Wimbledon under Allen Batsford,  maybe it is fair comment to say that last saturday was one of the worst games of football I have ever seen there and indeed am struggling to think of anywhere else. I realise this is Ryman South but for 9£ standards need to be a little higher than sunday park football.

The ground is starting to look derelict with the terrace area along the pitch now boarded up for safety reasons. It is also fair to say that there was no air of positivity in the crowd, which recently hovers around 100 hardy souls.

Here are my photographic memories. The most memorable moment? The Walton keeper hitching his shorts up in some strange manner, which clearly put off the East Grinstead striker who subsequently took a poor penalty that was easily saved.  The second most memorable moment? The cheeseburger.


Referee Mr C Green Ryman South

Referee Mr C Green Ryman South

Met Police 5 East Thurrock 0





Slovenia. An amazing place

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Occasionally one travels to a country and finds immediately it takes your soul.  This is Slovenia. The people are pleasant, helpful and vibrant. They smile and do not complain. The mountains with snow on top look beautiful. The city is a place to walk and look, eat ice cream at cafes ( hazelnut and raspberry are recommended) and drink coffee. The bard look enticing and the prices most definitely not european. This is a good place to come to. The contrast cannot be more stark. Heathrow airport is a vile place, full of heaving, pushing people, expensive drinks and little to do or see. There is no customer satisfaction. These views were not made better by arriving back at  Terminal 1 friday evening around 11pm to find that security staff for BAA had kindly locked one of the corridors stopping any passenger either to get to or from their gate…

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